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EBR Rigging Single Tie - How It Works

I had to do this in two pages or the pictures were too small.   I have divided it into two Sections,  the OFF SIDE and the ON SIDE as with this rigging each side has the seven foot latigo.   Both sides are actually rigged the same but when you are first getting started with this rigging I thought it best to show you both sides.   Summer


EBR Rigging Single Tie - OFF SIDE


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4
Pictures are from Left to Right. Tie your stirrups up with your strings if you don't have a horn to hook it to.
1.Start with one single full wrap of ring to girth.
2.Check to be sure that your girth is fairly centered with the center ring just a tad closer on your side so that when you girth it up on the on side it comes dead center.
3.Loop the latigo over and through the back ring.
4.Come back down to the girth behind latigo and through the girth ring.  Use the buckle to secure and hang the leftover latigo in the keeper.


EBR Rigging Single Tie - ON SIDE


Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

Step 5

Step 6


1.Start here just as you did on the off side with one single wrap of latigo.
2.Tighten as you usually would if you were using standard western rigging but just a tad looser.
3.Now take the latigo through the top of teh back D ring and back down to the girth tucking teh latigo through the girth ring in BACK of the wrap.
4.To tighten pull UP on the FRONT piece of latigo that goes back to the ring while pulling straight out and OUT and UP on the end of the latigo.
5.Use the buckle to secure in the nearest hole.  Offset by pulling out on the top wrap as shown.  This will lock the buckle down.  You can now adjust and tighten your girth on either side to get it even and tightened the way you want it.


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