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Measuring Your Horse for a Tucker Saddle

If you are planning to buy a new or used saddle, its always best to measure!  (See Summers Fitting Fee Schedule Below).  All Mail in or Trailer In fitting fees,  and $50 of Farm Call Fitting fees,  will be applied to your purchase of any new or used Saddle from Saddle-Up.

Fitting Fee Schedule

Mail In Fitting: $50 per horse.   Please follow the directions in our "how to" guide below as closely as possible and make your check payment out to Summer Koetting.   

Trailer In:  Bring Your Horse to Saddle-Up $75.00 per horse.  3 Horse Maximum.  If you are coming in from out of town and need to spend the night.. not a problem.  We have stalls, pasture and electric for your trailers for an overnight visit.  

Farm Call: - Summer will travel to you within 30 miles of our location.  $125.00 for the first horse. $75 for the 2nd and 3rd horse (3 Horse Maximum)



Dear Customers,

I know that there are templates out there online that you can print out for wither angle, but its been my experience over the years, that you need to fit the WHOLE horse NOT just the wither and shoulder.  Lets make sure that the rock in the tree is correct for your horse, and that the angle of the bars is correct all along the top line, NOT just at the wither, and that there aren't any conformation problems that would cause an imbalance in the fit of the saddle.

Following is a description of how to make tracings of your horses back.   These measurements will help me determine what your horse needs for a proper fit.   I"ll give you a call to discuss what I have found and also to discuss which Tucker saddle is the best choice for you.   If a Tucker just won't work for your horse I'll be right up front with you about that so that you won't make the mistake of buying a saddle that does not work for your horse and give you some ideas of saddles on the market today that would be a better fit.   If you have any questions about taking these measurements please give me a call and I'll discuss the process with you. 

Tracings and pictures should be mailed together so that I have everything I need to do your fitting for you.   Sorry,  but faxing or emailing this information doesn't work as the measurements are to large to get an accurate reading via fax or email. 

I'll do my best to fit your horse via tracings and have about a 95% success rate.  There is NO gaurantee however, as tracings can sometimes be wrong no matter how careful you have been or there are nuances of your horses conformation that just are not being picked up by the tracings.  So take your time, and if you need help don't hesitate to call me.  And when you get your saddle, before you use it out on the trail, take some time to verify fit and make sure we got it right.  

Summer Koetting

Measuring Your Horse

Measurement A

Measurement D


Materials You Need For This Project:

  • A sheet of paper minimum 14 x 24 inches.   Just about anything will do as long as its large enough.  The back of Christmas wrapping paper works great and is easy to fold up and put into an envelope.
  • A flexicurve from your local tack store ....OR easier to find and use, a 2 ft length of 1/4” OM (thats outside measurement) copper tubing available at your local hardware store in the plumbing section, OR Double Electrical Wire.
  • Pencil, pen or marker
  • Masking tape, or other white colored tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Camera



Make sure you have your horse on level ground and have him standing with equal weight on all 4 feet.  Watch him carefully while you are doing your measurements to make sure he doesn't start resting .. this could skew your tracings. 

 1.   Measurement A - your starting point    Using a lead rope, plumb a line from wither to back of front leg.   Do this by dangling a lead rope with the snap end down from the withers with the length of the rope lined up with the back of the front legs.  Move the lead rope at the wither back and forth until the rope lays just at the back of the front leg making a nice straight line from the wither.    Mark that spot at the wither with a piece of your tape.  Thats going to be where you will take  measurement A and defines your starting point.

2.  Now measure 7 inches back from A  and put a piece of masking tape there.  Thats going to be where you will take your Measurement B.

3.  Measure a total of 15" from A   and put another piece of tape there. This is going to be where you will take measurement C.

4. Measure a total of 24" from A and put another piece of tape there.  This is a reference point so I can see about where the saddle will end on your horses back.   You do NOT need to do anything more with this mark other than put a piece of tape there for me to see.

4. Take Your Pictures Now!   Stand back and take a picture of your horse from each side ... right and left.  I need the see the WHOLE HORSE so please be sure to include legs and heads.    This will help me determine the overall conformation of your horse, how the saddle will sit in relation to the shoulders, and to insure that you have measured in the correct spots.  Be sure to include copies of these pictures in the package that you send to me. Regular paper printer paper is fine you don't need to go get a glossy photo.


1.  With your horse standing square on level ground and not “resting” on one foot or the other, bend the tubing in half and place over the horses withers at the first point where you put the masking tape (A) the highest point of the wither.   Conform the tubing down into the hollow (if he has one) and over the shoulders by pressing it to follow the shape of the horse, as shown in photo A above.  

2.  Carefully take the tubing off your horse and lay it on the paper, taking care not to change the shape that you obtained. Trace the inside edge of the curve, making a line that is your horses shape, as shown in picture B. Mark the pattern to show which is the left and right side of your horse. Mark this one on your paper as measurement A

5. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 above 7" back from your first measurement.  Mark this one on your paper as measurement B.

6. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 above 15" back from your first measurement. Mark this one on your paper as measurement C.

7. MEASUREMENT D!!  Straighten out the tubing and place it along the spine of the horse starting at measurement A  and along the length of the spine to the end of your 24" measuring tool.   (I need the full 24" length)   Lay this down on the paper and trace as above .. and tell me which is the wither end and which is the rump end.   Mark this one on your paper as measurement D.

Place all of your resulting tracings along with a check for your fitting fee  into an envelope and mail to the address listed below.     Personal Checks and Money Orders should be made payable to Summer Koetting. 

Attention:  Summer Koetting
Saddle-Up Trail Riders
4173 Hueffmeier
Wentzville, MO  63385

Please Note:  It takes about 6-10 work days to recieve your tracings if sent via regular USPS mail.   So if you want me to get them in a more reasonable amount of time please use USPS Priority shipping.  The tracings normally fit well in their cardboard 9.5x12.5 mailer readily available at most post offices.

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