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Measuring the Rider for a Tucker Saddle

Within the Tucker line of saddles there are at least 6 distinct seats each fitting the rider differently.  Generally the Tucker Saddles can be grouped as follows.  Remember, this is a general outline ... not written in stone.  Know your body type and that will help you determine fit.

Tucker High Plains, High Plains Mule, Black Mountain Trail, River Plantation, Old West

All of the above saddles have a narrow riders stride (width of the seat where your pelvic and seat bones sit) , steep & tall straight up 5" cantle.  The narrow riders stride on these saddles is great for the rider with a narrow to medium pelvic structure.  The High Plains and Black Mountain have a low rise while the Plantation, Hope Ranch and Old West have a higher rise. (rise is the part of the seat from crotch forward)  Close in at the legs with a well defined thigh groove.  

If you carry  your weight in your lower half or if you have a heavier bone structure with a wide set hip, pelvic and seat bones... this type of Tucker Saddle is not a good choice for you.  The straight up cantle will lift you from behind pushing you forward onto your pelvic and/or the narrow stride will not support your pelvic structure.  If its not right for you two things will stand out.  You just don't feel that you can get back in the seat and always seem to be leaning forward and/or... if its to narrow for you... feels like you are sitting on a fence rail pushing up through the center of your body. 

Tucker 2013-2014 Limited Edition and Outfitter Trail

These two saddles combine a narrow riders stride with a laid back 4" cantle and low rise.   A great combination for most women and the average to slight built man.  Availabe in the Classic Tree only at this time, both of these saddles have the close contact skirt design which in combination with the narrow stride will allow you to sit nice and deep in the seat for a great close contact feel.

Tucker Equitation Endurance, Summit Endurance Trail

These two Tucker Saddles are in a class all on their own.   They both have the laid back wider 3.5" to 4" cantle and seat that gives you the hip support, but its definitley considered a narrow riders stride and has a high rise in front of the crotch.   True equitation seat puts you legs under position without even thinking about it.   Slight tilt to the seat gets you up on your pelvic bones but with the laid back cantle you can still get back if you want to with plenty of support under the seat bones.   Great for posting OR sitting the gait!!   Close contact both at the upper and lower leg.  The Equitation Endurance has the classic english knee roll for support and balance while the Summit Endurance Trail has upper Thigh Rolls which will keep you in the seat on even the most extreme trails or spooks.    Well balanced and extremely comfortable its going to fit a wide variety of people.  

Tucker Cheyenne, Meadow Creek, Rock Creek & Endurance Trail

These Tucker saddles have a medium riders stride with a laid back  3.5" cantle.  Great for the rider with a Medium to Wide pelvic structure and the rider who is apple or pear shaped with rounded musculation in the rear and upper thighs.  Still has a very distinct thigh groove getting your leg close in at the upper thigh, but with the laid back cantle gives you more seat room and plenty of support of the hips and pelvic stucture.   Western models have a medium to low rise while the endurance models has a high rise.

Big Bend and South Bend Summit

If you have a larger bone stucture here is the saddle for you!  Developed with the "big" rider in mind, the Big Bend and South Bend Summit both have a wider riders stride and a taller 5" cantle that is a full 2" wider at the base to accomodate the larger rider.   The Big Bend is available in a full skirt only... the South Bend Summit has been designed by Summer here at Saddle-Up for those of you who need a round skirt or just want a saddle with a touch more "flare".  Rope Border tooling, Rope border conchos and horn cap, and in flap single 7/8 rigging are all exclusive to the South Bend Summit.

Tucker Gen II South Pass & Pine Ridge Mule

These two saddles are both based off of the A Fork style with a medium riders stride and 5" dished cantle and low rise.   The A Fork pommel gives you a good clearance for your upper thigh.   Very generous seat, so in sizing yourself... if you are on the cusp between two sizes, go for the smaller size.  My Big and Tall people seem to love this one.  Both saddles also have a longer length skirt, so if you have a short backed horse take that into consideration when choosing.

Tuckers Seat Sizing Chart

This is pretty close give or take...nothing is written in stone however so if you have questions don't hesitate to call....Choose your shape then cross reference by height and weight.  But be sure to also take into account the above info on each type of saddle.  I think they forgot the square built people... follow the apple group if you are wide both at hip and at shoulder with a heavier bone structure and tend to carry some weight. 

  • If you weigh over 180# you may want to consider ordering your saddle with extra padding Or Gen II seat padding in the seat.
  • Inseam is measured from crotch to ankle bone for the length of your fender.  Do not go by your pants length.  28" and under and you may want to order your saddle with short fenders.  32" and over, please order the long fender.
  • There have been any number of changes to the seat designs of the Tucker Western High Plains and Cheyenne models over the years which have changed the way they sit enough to make a difference in the seat sizing.  So if you have ridden a friends High Plains or Cheyenne and its a number of years old, don't assume thats how the new one you buy is going to sit.   


FROM - the back of the pommel

TO -  below the cantle binding where the seat padding swells out.  

This saddle is a 15.5" seat size.  As you can see Tucker INCLUDES the seat padding in their sizing measurement.


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