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Stirrup Options

Ergo  Leather Lace Stirrups #265

2.5" Deep, 5" wide and 5.5" Tall.  Tread Bell Bottom with 2.5" Top.  Ergo balanced neck keeps the foot level to decrease joint fatigue and promote balanced riding.  Less usable width space because of the bowed angle on the sides so if you have a wider foot or boot you'll want to choose a wider stirrup.

ERGO STIRRUPS  NOTE... the dowel is faced with the wide part closest to the horse.. or looking at it another way... the wide part of the dowel goes to the INSIDE edge of your foot.


Leather Covered Bell Stirrups #899

Wider and deeper than standard Leather lace stirrups with MORE usuable width space.  3"  Deep, 5 1/2" wide and 6 1/2" tall with either a  2.5 or 3" neck opening. 

Ergo Balanced  Trail Glide Stirrups (#240)

This has become one of the most popular stirrups of its kind. It is made of durable light-weight anodized aluminum alloy and stainless steel or brass hardware with nylon top bar. It has a comfortable thick sponge rubber foot cushion, and is available for both western and English stirrup leathers. Base is 5” wide and 4” deep.  Because the bottom on these stirrups are flat you have more usable foot width space.  Standard on the Equitation Endurance, Endurance Trail, and Plantation.   Neck has the Ergo cone shaped dowel to keep the riders foot level.  Decreases joint fatigue and promotes balanced riding.

Leather Covered Trail Glide Stirrups (#241)

Same as above but Leather Covered.  This is my most often suggested Upgrade as it protects your stirrup from chipping as it gets banged around, and protects your saddle from scarring when you toss it up over the seat to work on your girthing.

Ergo Hooded Trail Glide Stirrups (#242)

Standard Trail Glide Stirrups but hooded.

Oversize Military Hooded Stirrups (#134)

This 4" metal bound wood stirrup has a 5 3/4" span for foot width. It’s covered with our heavy top grain domestic tanned leather hoods, with a 1" stainless steel shank to prevent crushing.


Ergo Balance  Oversize Trail Glide Stirrups (#243)

Wider and deeper than Tuckers Standard Trail Glide Stirrups. Rahlide with a deep cushion base.  5 3/4" wide base, 5 1/2" Deep with a 3" tread.  Available in Black or Brown.

Ergo Balance Oversize Leather Lace Stirrups (#268)

Wider and deeper to fit a larger foot.  6" wide Foot Base, 3" Depth, 6.5" Tall.


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