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Tucker Leather Colors and Seat Choices

Choose your Saddle color! 

(From Left to Right) Tucker Brown, Black, or  Golden are your leather color choices for most of the saddles that Tucker offers.  Tucker uses only the finest top grade saddle leather available... and always from the USA!  It may seem a bit stiff when you first get your new saddle, but it will soften up after just one good cleaning and conditioning.  Its fine rich texture just gets better with age.  The more your work it, the softer it gets.  Always use a good quality cleaner and conditioner on your saddle to keep it soft and supple and to prevent rot due to exposure to the elements and sweat from your horse.   My personal favorite is Bick 1 as a cleaner and Bick 4 as your conditioner and sealer... deep cleans the leather and leaves a nice matt shine without any gummy residue.

 Supple Ride Leather Option 

In 2012 Tucker is now offering Supple Ride Leather as an upgrade in the Seat Jockey and Fenders. (Standard on the Summit Endurance Saddle)  Softee Leather is a hide that has been split then turned and sewn back together.  So both the back and front of fenders and seat jockeys are finished instead of rough out and OH SO SOFT.  There is no break in time with this type of leather as its already been worked.  Another advantage is that with the back side of the fender having FINISHED leather against the horse instead of rough out, its much easier to clean the sweat and dirt off which prevents the fenders from stiffening.

Seat Color Options

Most of the saddles comes with a Brown seat on the Golden and Brown Saddles and of course Black Seats on the Black Saddles.  To add a bit of pizzaz, you can order your Brown or Golden Tucker Saddle with a Black Seat.  This is an upgrade that can really make your saddle stand out in the crowd. 

Suede Out Seat Option

Suede Out Seats are an option on all Tucker Saddles.   Want your seat to have a bit more stick?  Ask to have your seat made "Suede Out"   This can be done in any of the Tucker saddles,  Classic or Gen II. 

Apache Leather Seat Option

Apache leather Is similar to your old bomber jacket leather. Distressed and with a bit of knap to it, it has a personality all its own. Available in Brown Leather only so not an option for your black saddles.  Standard on some of the saddles.

Gen II Seat

If you order your saddle with a Gen II seat upgrade you get BOTH the upgraded V foam padding AND the glove leather finish.   You CAN order this seat with Suede out but not with Apache finish leather.

Extra Padding in the Seat! 

If you are over 50, have a sensitive or bony undercarraige, OR if you are over 190 pounds, ask us to put extra padding in the seat for you OR upgrade to a Gen II V Foam Seat.   You will be glad you did about hour 2 on the trail.    


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