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Tucker Fender Options

Rotating Your Fenders

Tuckers fenders are free swinging.  What does that mean?  The fender is hung in a continuous loop over the bar of the tree.   This allows the rider to move the fender forward and back like a swing on a swing set so that you can always position your leg directly under you.  A must when taking steep climbs or downhills.  It also allows you to adjust your fender to increase or decrease the amount of shank AND placement of the blevins buckle  by rotating the large fender portion up into the gullet ... or down.   Why is this important?   Well fellow short people... how many saddles have you ridden where you had the shank rolled all the way up to the bottom of the fender as far as it would go so that you were turning the whole fender with your foot rather than just that narrower shank?  By being able to rotate the fender up into the gullet and increase the length of the shank ... you will still have shank left over and save wear and tear on your knees and ankles.

Shank too ShortPull down on the strap in back
Now its Right!

NEW for 2012!!  TUCKER IS NOW OFFERING "SUPPLE RIDE" LEATHER IN THE SEAT JOCKEY AND FENDERS OF THEIR SADDLES.  UPGRADE COST IS $100.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TUCKER SUMMIT ENDURANCE TRAIL SADDLE BY SADDLE-UP HAS THIS UPGRADE ALREADY INCLUDED IN ITS PACKAGE.   "Supple Ride" Leather is top grain leather laminated and stitched so that both sides are finished to provide a soft broke in feel right out of the box.  The finished leather on the backside of the fenders also sheds dirt and sweat and is much easier to clean.


Tucker offers you the option when ordering your saddle of short, Medium or Long Fenders.   Short for those of us with less than a 28" inseam (measured crotch to ankle bone), medium for the 28" to about 32" inseam, and long for those of you with an inseam of 32" and up.  Thats  plus or minus an inch measurement so if you are at the top or bottom of these numbers just ask and I'll help you figure out which way to go.

The Tucker Trail Fender

Pictured at left is an Endurance Trail with the Tucker Trail Fenders.  This fender is a 1.5" strap with attatched tear drop fender.   You can see the rivet at the bottom of the fender portion where it's attatched to the strap.... its also attatched at the top of the fender which sits under the skirting.   The advantage to this type of fender is that your shank,  the part that goes through the stirrup, has been reduced to 1.5" in width making it much easier to turn just the shank and stirrup... not the fender portion as well AND it is much more free swinging than the bulkier western fender.  A MUST for anyone under 5'5" and a great choice for anyone who needs,  or just likes,  an easier turning stirrup.  You cannot use the western leather lace stirrups on this fender,  but must upgrade to an Endurance Type stirrup OR the #899 Western Stirrup.  This fender is an OPTION on ANY Tucker Saddle, western or endurance.

Summit Endurance Trail Fender

Function is identical to the Tucker Trail Fender, but I've made a few changes.  The wider fender portion is curved more at the front knee area,  and I've added more of a tear drop shape  to the back against your calf to give you maximum coverage and a more elegant look.  Summit Fenders are  "Supple Ride Leather" giving it a broke in feel right out of the box, sheds sweat and dirt easily, and is so much easier to clean. 

Trooper Fender

The Trooper Fender is a 1" english leather with an attatched fender.  Adjustment to length is made at the top of the fender with an english type buckle.  The advantage of this fender is that its extremely flexible and preturned at the stirrup so that your stirrup is always facing your foot and you have no bulk from blevins buckles at the ankle.  You can use a Trail Glide, Hooded Trail Glide, or  Military Hooded stirrup on this fender but cannot use a western type stirrup.  Good choice if have ankle, knee, or hip problems and want the protection of a fender but easy movement and preturned stirrup of an english leather.  

Tuckers Standard Western Fender

Pictured at left is Tuckers Standard Western Fender.   Tear drop with a 2.5" shank,  its offered on the most of the western saddles and as an option on the Endurance Trail Saddles.  Because of the great quality of Tuckers leather and the free swinging design, most people find this fender to be just fine, but if you have a short inseam, ankle or knee problem or just want an easier turning stirrup, go back to the Trail Fender.  You can use ANY of Tuckers stirrup options on this western fender.


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