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Tuckers Gel Cush Seats Explained

Standard Classic Tucker Seat (Right)
DURAhide™ Tree
Shock Absorbing Base
Foam Padding
Seat Leather


Tuckers Generation II Seat (Below)

Tuckers "GEL CUSH" seats have been designed with the trail riders comfort in mind.  You just need to spend a few hours in this saddle to feel the difference! For those of you looking for ultimate trail comfort this is the ticket!  This padding never packs down. It absorbs pressure in all directions to disperse even shear forces.  "GEL-CUSH" is a trademark name and DOES NOT indicate use of "GEL" in the seats.  There is nothing to leak out or dry up and is not susceptible to heat or cold.

CLASSIC TUCKER SADDLES SEAT:  Per the diagram above, in the Classic models the padding in the seat is made up of 4 layers of different kinds of materials to provide a cushioned base for the rider.  These layers have been chosen for comfort and logevity and have proven to stand the test of time and wear.  For most  riders this seat affords ample padding.  For those of us with sensitive backside, or over age 50, and/or heavier riders .. you CAN have extra padding added to this seat for a little extra cush for your tush.

GEN II SEATS:  Tucker has gone even more high tech by incorporating some of the newer foam technology now available on the market. Tucker has replaced  the "Foam padding" layer with " V-Foam padding" .  Commonly known as "Memory Foam" this layer then conforms to the pressure of  your body, is more shock absorbing, and being an open cell foam, breathes more easily so that your .. ahem... behind... stays cooler and more comfortable over the long hours in the saddle.  In addition.. the new Gen II has "MicroCell" Seat Leather.  This is a finer quality leather,  almost like glove leather,  which breathes more easily allowing air to get under your seat and keep you cooler.  Current upgrades to Gen II seats will NOT have the gold Gen II Logo embroadered into the seat.

Rise: The part of the seat from crotch forward to the pommel.  All of the Endurance models have a HIGH rise while most of the western models have a lower rise.   In 2006 Tucker lowered the rise on all of their western saddles EXCEPT the Old West and Buffalo Trail.  These two western models have retained the higher rise.  So if you have ridden one of the earlier models please be aware of this change as it does make a difference in fit.  ALL of the Endurance models have what is considered a high rise... in other words it steeps up in front of pelvic structure to the pommel. 

Ergonomically-Sculptured Seat Design - (ERGO SEAT)  This special seat design is available as an option on any Tucker Saddle. Tucker craftsmen have sculptured our gel-cush padding so that it provides enough height and cushion to soften some of the impact sustained by the rider's hip bones while also creating a slight relief channel of clearance for the groin, and pelvic area. This has been a real breakthrough for riders with groin, prostate or hemorrhoid sensitivity, or jean seam clearance for you ladies.   This is NOT the Horizon seat but is a similar theory.




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