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  • GORGEOUS soft and supple bridle leather.   I’ve never seen anything like this outside of some top end English saddles.
  • Incredibly COMFORTABLE seat.   Relief channel definitely apparent and does relieve pressure as advertised.
  • Great designer hardware.  Overall look of the saddle is STUNNING
  • Weight  is  a bit more than the standard Tucker Saddles due to the use of heavier deep oil dyed English leather. So if lifting is an issue for you, you'll need to take this into consideration.

FIT FOR THE HORSE -  Unlike the Classic Tucker Tree, and the Gen II tree, the Horizon tree fits horses like a standard Quarter Horse bar.   Available in Medium and Wide widths, the Horizon saddles will do well on most of your non gaited breeds and maybe some of the gaited breeds who have longer backs and average to narrow shoulders.  If you are unsure, please send in your tracings for me to determine if the Horizon tree is a good choice for your horse.  


Tri Tec fit System —There are two parts to the tree in the new Horizon.  The tree itself  is  a proprietary blend of semi rigid Polyurethan elastomer combined with a wood pommel and cantle.   Beneath the tree, inside the skirting of the saddle and independent of the tree itself, are flexible panels which will maximize weight distribution to help eliminate pressure points on the horses back. (Its almost like having a high tech saddle pad built into the skirting of your saddle.)  The front of these panels are fingered to allow even more freedom of motion of the shoulder of the horse.  This flexible panel is sandwiched between two different layers.  The base (1)  is felt and provides modest flexibility to accommodate conformational differences in a horse back.   The flexible panel (2) maximizes weight distribution to help eliminate pressure points on the horses back.   Gel Cush bar pad (3) lines the flexible panel on top to enhance comfort and provide additional shock absorption.

FIT FOR THE RIDER - What can I say ... Tucker has taken rider comfort to a whole new level with these seats. The all new ergonomic shock absorbing ground seat is contoured to provide a close contact ride while reducing impact.  Sculptured cushion design features an ergonomic relief channel that helps eliminate pressure.  Silicone matrix is paired with Tuckers patented Gel-Cush to provide a more comfortable ride while eliminating pressure points in tender areas

Because of the way the seat is made, I really couldn't find much difference going from model to model. So with the Horizon you'll be able to choose your saddle based more on the look you prefer rather than seat design.  If you have ridden one style you will pretty much know what the other styles will feel like.   Its a generous seat size fit, even with endurance models whose rise is lower than in Classic models.   


THE LEATHER   The Horizon Series Saddles  are made with  English Bridle Leather which provides a supple feel from the first time that you use it.  Drum dyed and of exceptional quality, bridle leather naturally resists moisture and the elements and the dye will not run or rub off. 

THE BLING  All new stainless steel scrolled hardware combined with beautiful Tucker Logo conchos are both functional and beautiful.  When everyone comments on your saddle… you can tell them it’s a Tucker HORIZON!


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