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IN SKIRT - 3 way In Skirt Rigging

 Adjustable 3 Way In Flap Rigging on All Tucker Saddles




Click HERE for 3 Way Rigging Tying Instructions
Click HERE to see Enduro Balance Rigging Instructions for this rigging style

As of Spring 2010 Tucker has changed to In Skirt  3 Way rigging on all saddles except the Equitation Endurance and Summit Endurance Trail.  This is the rigging being made on ALL "STOCK" saddles.  If you prefer one of the other choices you see here we will need to special order your saddle.

In Skirt rigging reduces the bulk under your leg by eliminating the Y rigging overflap, and allows the rider to choose between Full, 7/8 or 3/4 position. Probably the biggest advantage to this type of rigging is to the horse.  Instead of the rigging being attatched to the tree, in 3 way, its pulling from the bottom edge of the skirt allowing just a bit more freedom of motion by allowing the saddles tree to float on the horses back.  In this type of rigging you have a 7 foot latigo on BOTH sides.  Both sides of the saddle should be tied exactly the same.
Full Position:  You would rarely use the full position which uses just the ring furthest forward, as it puts the girth to far forward and up behind the horses legs, and can impede shoulder rotation.  But if you use this position you should use a rear cinch set to achieve more even pull and balance.
7/8 Position: For this rigging positon you use BOTH rings.  7/8 positions offers the best stability and even pull and gets the girth back from the horses front legs.  This is the best position for most horses.
3/4 Position:  You would rarely if ever use this position as its just to far back on most horse... the only exception might be the extremely short backed horse. 

WESTERN:  7/8  Y Dropped Western Rigging (All Classic models before April of 2010) This rigging style is now an OPTION on all Origional Tucker Saddles

I'm leaving this on this web site so that if you purchase a used Tucker or find one in stock that has this type of rigging you'll know what you've got.  AND it is still an OPTION when you order an ORIGIONAL Tucker Saddle (Not available on Gen II saddles)  It includes the off billet and 5 ft latigo on the western models or two 7' latigos on the Orgional Endurance Trail.  This type of rigging is set on a  seperate yoke that drops the rigging D down around the horse  at 7/8  position. This type of rigging moves the girth back from behind the horses leg so that he does not bump into it every time he takes a step and secures the saddle from both front and back, and the pull of the girth is from behind the wither not ON the wither.  My personal preference over the in flap 3 way as its easier to tie and always puts the girth in the right spot without all the looping needed on 3 way to achieve the same position.

IN SKIRT 7/8 POSITION  Rigging (Summit Endurance)

Right now this rigging is only available in my Summit Endurance Trail Saddles.  I chose this type of rigging in my design for ease of use and correct position on the horse without adding alot of latigo to tie... its the BEST of BOTH worlds!   In flap to achieve the closest feel at the upper leg of the rider and allow the tree to float on the horses back.  7/8 position to eliminate pull over the horses wither and shoulder and to allow the girth to lay far enough in back of the horses legs to eliminate girth rubbing and soring from your horses leg running into the girth.


Click HERE to go see Enduro Balance Rigging Instructions

The advantage of this system is that you now have three firm contact points saddle to girth .. front, center and back.   The latigo coming from the rear also stabilizes the saddle against the sides of the horse which help tremendously if you have a round  low withered horse or if the riders weight in the stirrup when mounting seems to pull the saddle over.  This is standard on the Tucker Endurance Trail Saddle, and a no charge option on most (but not all) of Tuckers other saddles INCLUDING the new Gen II models.

With Overlay Y Rigging:  Your rigging is the same as pictured on both the on and off sides.
With In Skirt 3 Way Rigging:  Tucker suggests that you use the FRONT D for EBR Single Tie rigging.  I've got a problem with this though as I find that puts the girth to far forward on the horse AND it pulls the front of the saddle down tight over the top of the shoulders on most horses
Sooo... I've been tying it this way lately and find that it gets the girth in the right position and reduces the pull from the front over the shoulder.


Same idea as above (Eduro Balance Ride Single Tie) but Tucker has replaced the 7 foot latigo with 1.5" doubled and stitched Reinforced billets and an 1.5" English roller girth.   This system allows less bulk under your leg, is a much easier tying system, and has the advantage of the English roller buckles with elastic expansion.   The elastic expansion in the girth allows you to get the girth nice and tight while leaving the horse freedom to breath.  There is an upcharge for this type of girthing which includes the upgrade to an endurance roller girth but its well worth the extra charge in the long run.  


This new rigging option from Tucker features a seperate rear buckle tie which attatches to the western girth ring to secure the rear of the saddle.  This allows you the ease of tying the front with a latigo in 7/8 position and just buckling up the back.


Buckle Ties are NOW AVAILABLE as a seperate purchase so that you can add them to your saddle.   Look in Tack / Latigos and Billets



This is your standard 1" billet in flap English Rigging.  Standard on the Equitation Endurance AND a very expensive option on some of the other Tucker saddles.     Three billets allow you to use either the first two ... or move the girth back away from the front legs of a short backed horse by using the rear two billets. 

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